MOST program

The Management of Social Transformations (MOST) Programme is a UNESCO programme that fosters and promotes social science research. This places MOST in a pivotal position in the overall promotion of UNESCO's  The Programme, launched in March 1994, is part of the Social and Human Sciences Sector (SHS) of UNESCO.


It aims to develop knowledge of social transformations; to establish  long-term links between social science researchers and policy makers; to reinforce scientific, professional and institutional capacities, and to support the development of policies based on research. MOST functions as a center of information and knowledge exchange in the social sciences field. Its focus is on building efficient bridges between research, policy and practice.

An Intergovernmental Council and a Scientific Council run the (MOST) Programme.

In Algeria, the National Center of Social and Cultural Anthropology Research ( with the acroym of CRASC for the French name ‘ Centre Nationale de Recherche en Anthropologie Sociale et Culturelle’) in Oran is the national focal point of (MOST/ UNESCO) Programme. The research activities of this center on social sciences met the expected objectives of the programme.

In this regard, the National Center of social and cultural Anthropology Research (CRASC) participated in a workshop on ‘The measure and the evaluation of inclusive social public policies’ and at the 11th intergovernmental session of (MOST) programme which took place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris in March, 2013.

A document entitled ‘Algeria consultation MOST youth and public policies from socio-educative concern to support in terms of employment opportunities’ has been prepared (CRASC).

In partnership with the Arab association of sociology and with the National Commission of the UNESCO, The CRASC of Oran will organize in Oran, from 15th to the 17th of October 2013, an international symposium on ‘The Arab sociologists facing issues of current transformations’. This symposium will be on the opportunity to discuss topics on the future of social science in the Arab world.


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