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Intergovernmental Committee for the safeguarding of intangible Heritage

Algeria was elected for a term of four years to the Committee for the safeguarding of intangible Heritage during the 5th session of the General Assembly of  States Parties to the 2003  Convention for the safeguarding of intangible Heritage of UNESCO which was held at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris, from 2 to 4 June  2014. Algiers will be represented by M. Slimane Hachi, Director  of the National prehistoric Center of Anthropological and historical research (CNRPAH).

Constantine Capital of Arab Culture 2015

The arab Organization for Education, Science and Culture (ALECSO)  named Constantine as Capital of arab culture, in 2015. The event is a real revival to the capital of the East on all plans because as this will upgrade cultural infrastructure, as well as the chief town of the capital of the wilaya than in all other cities. The Ministery of Culture and local authorities  will set up, on the basis  of proposals  from responsible concerned by  the cultural component, the program of  projects to achieve, infrastructures upgrade, historical and archaeological sites to develop, said  Mr Djamel Foughali, Director of Culture of the wilaya of Constantine.


The program of the celebration within the framework of the event “Constantine, Capital of Arab Culture 2015 ” was defined and agreed, announced by  Ms Nadia Labidi, Minister  of Culture, during a working visit in this city. “2015 will be a busy year of cultural activities, during which 40 theatral pieces will be in program, 4 international celebrations and 4 other national. A specific program for Ramadan 2015, 13 conferences and exhibition each of which will last 6 months” said the Minister of Culture, adding  that 42 countries, including 21 Arab countries will participate in the event.




Intercultural Dialogue

‘Our fondest wishes is to see, one day, the two greatest religions, Christianity and Islam meeting and shaking hands with love and friendship […] and that the Torah, the Gospels, and the Koran are considered as holly Writings which confirm each other, studied and worshiped by the children and the followers of each religion.So God puts his light on Earth and the real religion [universal] dominates over all the other religions.’

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The World Intangible cultural Heritage

 Convention for the safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

Oral traditions and expressions; performing arts; know-how related to traditional craftsmanship; social practices, rituals and festive events; knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe are the elements that constitute the Intangible cultural Heritage.

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