Education for All (EFA) of UNESCO

Education for all  is a global commitment and partnership which needs efforts from all the member states of the UNESCO to promote basic education for all children, youth and adults.

 The universalization of primary education and the reduction of illiteracy are the core objectives of EFA, which was launched during the world conference on education for all in 1990.

World Education Forum, Dakar:

   The forum identified six goals to be met by 2015. These goals are the following:

  1. Early childhood care and education.
  2. Basic universal education.
  3. Meeting the educative needs of youth and adults.
  4. Improving adult literacy levels.
  5. Gender equality in education.
  6. Quality of education.

Governments advocated in favor of the EFA. This Forum is convened annually by the General Director of the UNESCO.

World Monitoring Report on Education for All

World Monitoring Report on EFA is an instrument to assess global progress and to monitor the achievements of the goals defined at the Forum of Dakar. It identifies the political reforms needed in education. This report is meant for all those who are engaged in promoting the right to quality education.

National EFA 2015 Reviews

As 2015 the due date of the realization of the Education for all (EFA) goals is approaching the Education sector of the UNESCO invites the member states to conduct EFA 2015 Reviews. Also, member states are invited to establish reports summarizing progresses and engagements achieved regarding EFAgoals since 2000.Member states are required to submit their national reports by June 30, 2014 to the UNESCO. This allows the UNESCO to carry out a systematic analysis of EFA processes and of the progresses achieved at the regional and global levels in order to prepare the organization of the 2015 World Education Conference in Seoul (korea).

In this regards, Algeria is currently preparing a report about EFA in order to send it to the UNESCO.

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