Social and humain sciences

Human Rights

By admitting that the notion of Human Rights is defined as the concept according to which any human being, regardless of his ethnicity- his racial or religious backgrounds, possesses universal and inalienable rights. Any person has the full right to exercise his/her rights without any kind of discrimination.

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Gender Equality

The position of women and the religious minoritiesin the Arab-Muslim worldare topics that are subject to controversy in the Western Countries as well as the Arab ones. Regarding women, this is due to the image given to them in many Muslim countries as minors who leave under the guardianship of men their whole lives.

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MOST program

The Management of Social Transformations (MOST) Programme is a UNESCO programme that fosters and promotes social science research. This places MOST in a pivotal position in the overall promotion of UNESCO's  The Programme, launched in March 1994, is part of the Social and Human Sciences Sector (SHS) of UNESCO.

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