Human Rights

By admitting that the notion of Human Rights is defined as the concept according to which any human being, regardless of his ethnicity- his racial or religious backgrounds, possesses universal and inalienable rights. Any person has the full right to exercise his/her rights without any kind of discrimination.

Guaranteed by the Algerian Constitution as well as by the internationaltreaties to which the Algerian State has adhered since its independence amongst which the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the Algerian authorities did not stop promoting fundamental rights and freedoms within the society since several years.Despite the promotion of freedom of speech and political democracy, the government also encourages the education to Human Rights in schools. The knowledge of the rights and freedoms is in fact a fundamental tool in order to guarantee the respect of the rights of all.

In the right thread with the recommendations of the UNESCO, whose, in particular, the Recommendation on the education for the comprehension, the cooperation, international peace and  education related to human rights and to fundamental freedoms (1974) and the Plan of Action on Education for peace, the Human Rights and Democracy (1995), the Algerian National Commission for the UNESCO works through its networks (associated schools, UNESCO chairs, UNESCO clubs…etc.) to promote within the Algerian society the universal values of peace, non-discrimination, equality, justice, tolerance, and respect the human dignity.

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